Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3/24 Andrew Apodaca Talks With Dyson De Mara from Hillcrest Wines!

HillCrest, Bonded Winery 44, is Oregon's oldest estate winery and home to many of the states first, including it's first Pinot Noir. Today they honor our rich legacy of innovation with their patented concrete red wine fermentors and Umpqua Valleys most sustainable vineyard practices. Their historic family estate is the fruit of many generations experience including working in vineyards and wineries in Europe, South America as well as teaching on wine in over 17 countries. It is their passion to produce wines that express classic elegance, structure, ageability and a reflection of the place in which they are grown. Using the states oldest naturally farmed vineyards, they handcraft all of their wines without any employees. From planting their own vineyards, to bottling and the tasting room, only their family’s hands touch these wines... or as they like to say "family made not family managed." "Great wines without ego."

HillCrest, Bonded Winery 44, was founded by wine pioneer Richard Sommers in 1961 with the help of Adolph Doerner, who's family first planted wine grapes in the Umpqua Valley in 1888. After selecting the estate site, Richard went about planting over 35 varieties, many of which had never been planted or produced before in Oregon. Soon thereafter many other wine pioneers appeared at the doors of HillCrest prior to getting their start in the state. These would include David Lett, Chuck Coury and Myron Redford.

In 2003 Dyson De Mara, his wife Susan and their 3 children Hanna, Parker and Tucker continued Richards pioneering legacy by continuing to produce wines that reflect a sense of place or what the French call "terroir." They continue Richards pioneering legacy, but with and eye to the best of the past, like creating state of the art patented concrete fermentors and founding "Oregon Artisan Family Wineries" for truly unique family crafted wines in the European sense.

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