Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/21-Andrew Apodaca talks about the Oregon Weather

Andrew will be discussing the unseasonly wet weather in Oregon and it's effect on the southern Oregon grape crop. Following Producer Chucks trip to Napa/Sonoma Andrew will be discussing the differences between the Sonoma California wine growing region and that of Southern Oregon. Andrew talks about Pyrenees Vineyard and Winery embarking on an international marketing effort to introduce the world to their world class wines. As usual the wine facts segment will give listeners interesting information about wine and related facts. There will also be discussion of the new red wine blend that will be developed as a joint effort between Pyrenees Vineyard and CRN. Listeners can help develope a name for the wine as well as a label, information about which will be posted on the WCOW-OR Show blog. Finally, Andrew will talk about his favorite wine, Riesling, and a new Riesling that is available and his efforts to find a bottle to try.

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